Wednesday, 12 October 2011

It's nearly Movember

It's not long now until November, which means men across the world will be sporting moustache in aid of 'Movember' which aims to raise awareness of men's health. From Oct 14th - Nov 30th Movember will open a Pop-up space in Magna Plaza in the center of Amsterdam and all money raised will benefit prostate cancer research at the Dutch Cancer Institute. I have donated a selection of my moustache themed products which you will be able to buy from the Pop-up shop with 70% of the proceeds going to charity.

Not only that, but any visitors to the pop-up space will be able to get a sneaky 20% off discount code to use in my Etsy store until the end of November. So if you're anywhere near Amsterdam you should definitely stop by!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Pardon the fromage...

Last month I held a giveaway, and the winner won a selection of my cross-stitch jewellery.

That lovely winner was Mel aka Sugarplum Kawaii who has very kindly blogged about her win and taken very pretty photos of my pieces! (Thanks Mel!)

One of my most popular pieces, the blue-tit and flowers ring, photographed by Mel.

While we're on this kind of topic, do excuse the fromage but I want to say how bloody lovely my customers are! I have received the sweetest feedback in my Etsy store ranging from customers saying they've been eyeing my work for a while or coming back to buy more, or those who have even requested I give them business cards so that they can share my work with their friends - THANK YOU! It means the world to me X

Saturday, 28 May 2011


I'm having a flash sale in my Etsy store to celebrate PAY DAY! Or at least, that was the plan as I didn't get paid - argh! This always happens when I start a new job, something cocks up...

...but anyway, if you go to my Etsy shop and add items you like to your cart, then enter promo code FLASHMAY15 when prompted, you can get 15% off each item!

Sale ends at midnight tonight Monday 30th May, then I turn into a pumpkin.

What items would you buy / are you buying? I would go for...

Blue-tit and flowers ring

Some Dolly Girl buttons to update my cardigan

My favourite little fox sampler for my wall

Have a lovely weekend! I have so much to do today - running to the post office before it closes early and a ton of sewing, then I have to work Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday, damn! At least I have 4 days off next week to look forward to.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Copy cats

My cross-stitch moustache ring

Well, it's been an interesting start to the week! In the past 12 hours alone I've come across not one, but TWO sneaky copy cats.

The first copycat was innocent enough. A 12 year old girl attempting a (very long winded) blog tutorial demonstrating how to create one of my moustache rings (needless to say the outcome didn't rival my super 'tache ring!). It was quite funny and sweet really, so it wasn't really anything I should feel bad about...

...then, I thought I'd take a little snoop around Etsy to see what other people have been making. I do this periodically just to be nosey and sure enough there are plenty of other people doing cross-stitch items, some are very similar to current items I have in stock, or items I have made previously and sure it can irk me a little but I know I cannot hold the monopoly on cross-stitched items. It peeved me a little to see that someone had copied one particular item of mine down to the last stitch.

I know it sounds really petty to complain that someone has copied a really small accessory I have made, but the design is mine!

I'm not going to name and shame anyone. I have sent the person a polite message, and hoping I don't get a shitty one back! I know these things happen, and in some roundabout way imitation is a form of flattery but mostly it just makes me feel sad and rather pissed off.

It's not easy being an independent designer, in fact it's really bloody hard. If a designer's work inspires you, tell them, tell your friends or write a blog post about their work to give them some exposure. Don't copy their work. There is a BIG difference between being inspired and plagiarism, and in most cases breaching copyright laws.

If you cannot think up a design yourself, maybe that medium isn't for you? Maybe you should be doing something else?

Sorry for the rant folks. If you would like to see my work and not a copied version, you can see it here: but please don't copy it, thanks ;)

Saturday, 7 May 2011

...and the winner is...!

To celebrate reaching 500 'Likes' on my Facebook page, I held an extra special giveaway.

Huge thanks to all those who entered! It was rather tricky to pick a winner (and two runners up) but I've come to a decision......

...the winner of the big haul of my jewellery is 'Sugarplum Kawaii' !

"My favourite jewellery piece is a Gold charm bracelet left to me by my Grandma. It's from the 1930's and full of unusual artifacts, including...

My Dad's 1st 2 baby teeth!

A miniature tennis racket with a striped handle made od Rubys and Diamonds

A beer bottle and beer jug

An ancient coin"

(How amazing does that bracelet sound?!)

It was just as tricky to pick the two runners up as like I say, I genuinely loved all your tales of your favourite piece of jewellery. In the end I chose...

Abigail and Ursula!

I chose Abigail as her most treasured piece of jewellery was actually the only thing she was wearing when she gave birth to her son, Theo. How sweet is that? Very special indeed. I chose Ursula as I loved the symbolism behind her most treasured necklace.

So, congratulations to you! If you could contact me at or leave your email address in the comments below, I will sort your prizes out :)

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Work in progress

I'm feeling a bit 'stuck' at the moment. I keep saying that I'm lacking inspiration but I'm not sure if that is really the case. I have tons of ideas, and tons of which I thought up years ago and still haven't got around to doing. I think of myself as quite the 'ideas person' but sometimes having so many options can be a bit overwhelming so you end up avoiding it all together! Does that make sense?

Anyway, today in the post I got a recent eBay purchase! I bought for cheap a few really old cross-stitch and embroidery booklets. They're so old in fact that they still stink of grannies and loft but they are rather good considering they cost peanuts.

Today has really been a day of 'doodling'. I played with some chevron patterns I've done before, but this time in one of my favourite colour combos - turquoise, pink and a bit of gold.

Also, I've finally got around to getting some gold rings in - so there's a bit more bling in the shop, and ideal for all those people out there who aren't keen on silver tone. I actually got the kick up the butt from a customer, who had bought one of my moustache rings and said while she thought it was great she thought it would have been improved if done on a gold ring. So, your wish is my command!

I'm going to be doing a big shop overhaul soon. It's long overdue. There are something like, 100 items listed in my Etsy store so I think I need to delete a ton of old stuff and replenish with fresh new things...anything in particular you'd like to see in there?

My cross-stitch cameo on Channel 4's Super Scrimpers!

Not long ago I sent style blogger Gem Fatale a couple of my cross-stitch rings in the hope she would wear them and review them on her blog. Well, she was kind enough to go one step further and wore them on national TV!

For the past couple of episodes, Gem has appeared on Channel 4's show Super Scrimpers where people share their thrifty money saving tips. Last night she demonstrated one of her many super nail art tips (which we all know could cost a bomb in the shops). You can watch the show on 4oD although it may take a little while for the last episode to become available. I highly recommend you follow her blog if you don't already, as every Tuesday she shares a new tip!

Here are a couple of sneaky screenshots I snapped on my phone (God, I'm sad!)...

As always, my jewellery and accessories are available to buy in my Etsy and Notonthehighstreet online stores.
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