Saturday, 13 March 2010


It's been two weeks since I went home to visit my parents and a few friends. The week went super fast and involved a lot of too-ing and fro-ing on trains and buses. In short I...

1. Saw one of my best friends and her little boy. We played with his trucks and some jigsaws. Realised I still can't stomach an episode of 'Lazy Town'.
2. Went on a walk in the countryside with my folks.
3. Saw my friend Lucy. Admired her prostitute neighbour's blatant red light in the living room and went to Wagamama's for tea.
4. Saw Hannah in lovely Whitstable to look at the shop we're renting for a week in the summer.
5. Overheard some local old ladies discussing how loads of z-list celebrities had come to town to film the new Walkers Crisps advert. Including Pamela Anderson. SO exciting. Haha!

It also meant some quality time with my dog. He looks like a furry seal but he's actually a Petite Bassett Griffon Vendéen (basically a French Bassett). He is unreal - he 'chortles' and oinks rather than barks so it sounds like he's trying to talk to you all the time.

Oh, and before I forget I have to show you the best thing I have bought from a charity shop in a long time... A Star Wars board game complete with VHS!! AND there's no pieces missing! Strictly speaking I am no Star Wars geek, I got it with my boyfriend in mind but it is so good! It was only the other day I was dreaming of 80s board games that came with videos...

After my whirlwind trip South, I returned North for my last week at work. It was weird really. It's all happened so fast. One minute I'm there doing the usual mundane jobs and then I'm blubbing infront of everyone and saying goodbye. I think I did the right thing. I think I only have doubts as when you say 'I'm a Window Dresser' it sounds relevant to what I studied at University, it sounds interesting blah blah...and now I have to tell people 'I'm working at a call centre' which isn't going to make a lot of sense. But sadly in this life it seems you have to sacrifice what you like in order to make a decent wage. I feel like it's about time I stopped being selfish and doing what I like for the sake of earning a half decent wage so that I can give some money back to my parents and actually afford to do simple things like decorate the house and...go shopping! [Huge wish-list coming right up].

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