Sunday, 28 March 2010

A Serious Man

Last night we finally got around to watching A Serious Man. I'm not going to tell you about the story line and go into full on review-mode, but I really wanted to stress how good it LOOKED. Everyone who saw Amelie will know what I mean about nice colours running through a film, in A Serious Man it seemed as if every scene was brown, turquoise and wood-grain [pretty much my idea of heaven!]. I also appreciated that there was no movie mega stars in it, which I can find a bit distracting [I mean, if Brad Pitt is in a film I find it really difficult not to see him as Brad Pitt even if he is a good actor etc.] It was nice to have people that looked refreshingly 'normal' and their faces actually had so much character.

I really loved all the original looking 60s props and all the outfits. And is it just me, or do teenage boys in American films have the BEST bedrooms? Overall, it was just another painful reminder I was born a few decades too late.


  1. I haven't heard of this.... so you recommend?? Yes yes??

    I just watched 'The Way We Were' yesterday.. I am NOT happy with Robert Redford. No sir.


  2. Yes you must see, I may have switched off from the story a little towards the end but that's because my attention span isn't great but it sure looked nice.

    I've not seen 'The Way We Were' - is he a scumbag in it? X


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