Monday, 19 April 2010

Etsy Finds

Thanks to Twitter, I have just come across the best crockery I have seen in a long time. A few moments ago Etsy put up a link to Beat Up Creations amazing Star Wars plates. Take a look!

There are many more designs, but I think these are my favourite. I tried to narrow it down to just one but it was too difficult. My boyfriend is a Star Wars geek and I love anything old and grannyish. These plates are what would happen if the two of us morphed into a household object.

Go and visit Beat Up Creations now! And take a look at the Gizmo plate.


  1. Could you imagine Grandmas having these at dinner?!

  2. It'd be even better if the little Granny looked like a cuddly Ewok! Awww...


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