Monday, 19 April 2010

Give Away pt.2

Recently I had a GIVE AWAY on my Facebook Fan Page and I'm having another one at the moment. All you have to do is click the link, 'become a fan' of my cross-stitch jewellery annnnnd just simply tell me which piece of my work you like the best and/or what you would like to see on a badge or brooch. 

I'll be picking the winners on Thursday and posting the prizes on Saturday. The main prize is a Nintendo brooch I made, and two runners up will be getting a Cassette tape brooch each.

Why not enter? It'll take just a few seconds of your time and you may get a nice piece of jewellery for free!


  1. sweet things sugar, sweet things!

    Wish I had a regular crafty bone... I just spaz out some creativity every once in a while..

    Need to find my niche...


  2. But Sally you are the cafe queen! I think a recipe book and your own little deli is calling you... Have you checked out Rosie Lovell's blog? I think it's linked on my page. She has a cute book called Spooning with Rosie... X


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