Tuesday, 18 May 2010

May is OK (or at least it was)

My late-20s crisis has reached boiling point. Did a silly thing today. I woke up not feeling myself at all. I felt a tad claustrophobic. I got ready for work as normal, got on the bus. Next thing I know I'm fighting tears. I got off and just knew I wasn't in a fit state for work so literally hopped straight on a bus home. I left a message for my boss which she didn't get so I had to leave another message for her later inwhich I was a croaky voiced wreck. I feel like such a plonker. What is wrong with me? Well what's wrong is I'm 27 this year and things aren't really how I always assumed they would be at this age. Sure I'm a moany sod, I should be grateful for the things I have, and I am. But why do I feel so miserable at the moment? I think I'm just tired of having to have a 'day job' that is so irrelevant to who I am and what I care about. I had a 'nice' job before but the pay was terrible so I made the decision to leave that behind. Turns out this one isn't really paying me as well as I thought it would (must have made a few miscalculations along the line somewhere) so once again I'm les miserables. I need to kick myself up the bum and stop moaning.

Maybe I should have listened at Art College when they said 'don't do Fine Art, there's no money in it' and tried to force us all to study Graphic Design. But I didn't care about money I wanted to do something I LIKED. And that's where I am today. I took Fine Art and now I feel like all the 'creative' jobs call for Graphic bods, and I feel like I'm trained for nothing. Dammit!

I'll stop moaning now. I'm not sure where to go from here. I'm feeling a little homesick for my southern homeland and home comforts. The only thing I have up here is my other-half. I feel so lost and stuck, what to do...

On a happy note. Here are some of the super old cigarette cards I bought off eBay the other day. I have plans to use them in jewellery and things. I got LOADS for cheap,I love them.

Look at these ones, household hints and tips - everything from re-upholstering furniture to fixing the toilet cistern. Invaluable advice. X


  1. Ahh mi lima dulce!

    Yes yes, the twenties quandary... BUMMER. See I'm pretty much the same. A degree in something that will deliver me a shit heap of nothing that pays nothing.

    Hmm... let's all unite and open an ice cream parlour, yes yes? An ice cream parlour that sells handmade goods! And turns into a Rocket Launch at night!


  2. Oh Sally yes, let's join forces and somehow forge ourselves millionaire lifestyles from our creative ventures! X

  3. love the st Bernard!!

    hmm, doing illustration is making me feel the same way anyway. that i will not get a job. its prettty rubbish. :(

  4. there's an alsation one too, made me think of you! speaking of which - there's a friend on my facebook thingy and he has been tagged in a picture where he has a blonde alsation like your new pup, maybe they're related? they look exactly the same?!

    yeah it's so tough in the art world, i mean - i never cared about 'making money' before i just chose subjects i liked but now i'm a 'grown up' it's sucking a lot.


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