Saturday, 15 May 2010

May is OK

Turtle power!

Someone has written 'Turtle Power!' on a street sign near where we live. I wonder who did it? I mean, no kids today will be watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...? It must be some sneaky Sharpie-yielding 20-30 year old...

Coffee and cake at Teacup.

Hazel and I went out last Saturday for a bit of a cultural day in Manchester. We went to the Whitworth gallery to see the Wallpaper exhibition and I got told off for taking photos (not that there was any sign saying you weren't allowed to...) and then we popped into the city gallery to check out a photography exhibition and went to the Craft and Design centre. Amongst all this we found some time to scoff some cake. We went into Teacup in the Northern quarter which is apparently run by Mr Scruff's Mrs. It was very very busy. We both went for a latte and a raspberry cupcake. Mine was a bit of a strange bluey-green colour but tasted OK...

Is it a partridge?

We also came across this little bird fellow with his satchel, in a shop window in the Northern Quarter.

Also, I finally stepped into the modern age and got myself a Blackberry! It's so priddy. Problem is, the sim hasn't activated yet so I've had to ring up Orange and the Carphone Warehouse to whinge. I really hope it works soon. I've already set my wallpaper to Joaquin in his crazy-phase.

I'm having yet another one of my 20s crisis. I haven't sewn for ages and I'm wondering if it's because I'm too tired/pre-occupied with my new job, or have I actually just fallen out of love with it? I'm also worried about money and wah wah wah I hope you're all having a good May so far.

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