Wednesday, 19 May 2010

No thanks

"Kate Moss and Nick Knight have teamed up again to celebrate the launch of her latest collection for Topshop. VogueTV caught the supermodel showing how it's really done - see it all here."

(How WHAT is really done??) Anyway... Vogue mentioned on Twitter that there was a new video of Kate Moss made by Nick Knight for her new Topshop collection, here it is:

Anyone else think it sucks? Don't get me wrong, I have long been a fan of Kate Moss but I am beginning to tire. So many models just have the same expression all the time and the first half of this video is no exception. It's just Kate Moss in front of a bright light flicking her head, rubbing her hair, flicking her head...then rubbing her hair again. It's very hard to tell what the new collection even looks like. The last half of the little video is a bit better - clearer shots of some pieces (maxi dress, lace dress...) and she's found some new moves...she's even smiling?! It's as if they both watched the first half of the video and thought 'oh shit, we are actually meant to be showcasing your collection let's get some shots of the clothes  in before anyone notices'. I get a little tired of people calling stuff good just because of the person in it or the person who made it LOOK HARDER!!

Talking of random crap videos - has anyone seen the new CSL* sofa advert? At first I thought it was advertising a pregnancy test as you see a couple get together, she gets pregnant, next thing you know they've got a 5 year old son, then they've divorced. But I ask you CSL, what the fuck has this got to do with sofas? 

*I THINK it's by CSL, hard to remember when you can't tell what it's advertising. If I see it again I'll look it up on youtube for you all to witness.......


  1. is it DSF sofas? theyre adverts are sooo bad!

    and that kate moss vid is indeed very boring! x

  2. Yeah I thought it was DSF but then again I'm not sure. Maybe it was actually just an advert for a pregnancy test! So shit and confusing.


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