Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Style Icon: Jennifer Herrema

I'm not sure how I first stumbled across Jennifer Herrema although it was probably by accident whilst flicking through some poncy fashion magazine. She's always stood out for me for her style - OK so back in the day it was quite literally 'heroin chic', her band Royal Trux with ex-partner Neil Hagerty were open in interviews about their heroin useage and I think I read once that they blew a heap of record deal money on getting drugged up to their eyeballs....? but anyway........

Rock star credentials: Cigarette? Check. Lots of hair? Check.

There's no denying Herrema is one hell of a cool lady. I wouldn't mess with her. I love that in most of the pictures I've seen of her, she'll have quite manly clothes like big jackets and tshirts but she'll put them with mega tight jeans and most importantly - the BEST accessories ever. Always loads of heavy turquoise and silver jewellery and lots of sneaky tails.

(Looking a bit Ladyhawke here? Whilst posing with a hawk? Maybe it actually is Ladyhawke?)

Big parker jacket, lots of layers, Guns N'Roses style head scarf...should be so wrong, but looks good?

I think it's rather obvious she's a big style icon for Alison Mosshart of The Kills too. Good choice Alison!

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