Monday, 3 May 2010

Zoo day.

Yesterday was a zoo day. We got up mega early and hopped on a train to Chester. Thing is, being a bank holiday weekend and going on a Sunday meant it was pretty quiet and even the animals seemed to be taking it pretty easy. Still, it was a good day. My favourites will always be the lions and orangutans but we met lots of other nice animals inbetween.

Sweet sleeping jaguar! How comfy does that look.

Naughty salamander.

And finally, the ducklings. I know, I know we were at a zoo for christsakes BUT they were right there and so sweet! It was nice actually, the whole day at the zoo we kept coming across pairs of ducks wandering about. It was as if they were all on dates at the zoo too.

EDIT: Ok, not so fast. I completely forgot the Buffy-headed Capuchin. I confess I made a really bad Dad-joke about how they should call one Sarah-Michelle Geller. HAHA! I kill myself I really do.

On a somewhat deeper note, I do love zoo's. I can't believe half of these animals are real. We read a little plaque about the vultures which described how they have a bald head and neck as otherwise all their feathers would get all gunked up with blood as they munch away at carcasses (ew) but, it really got me thinking just how designed everything is...

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