Friday, 25 June 2010

Busy making

Only one more week to make stuff before the long awaited pop-up shop with my chum Hannah of Sweet Trash. The past couple of days I've gone cross-stitch earring mad and have made a little batch. I've now used up all the materials to make those, so I need to get MORE!

I think my favourite pair is the little letters with flowers, what is your favourite pair? What would you like to see stitched on a pair of earrings?

I find the hardest thing to figure out is the price. I don't want to scare people off with a price but I also don't want to shoot myself in the foot by selling anything for peanuts. It's annoying as a lot of people don't understand or perhaps just don't give a hoot about the time that goes into making things. (Thanks Primark, it's probably your fault). How much would you pay for a pair of these earrings? Would £12 be reasonable or too much? Again, answers on a postcard please!

In the meantime you can become a fan of my work here and suggest it to your friends! I'm really looking forward to the pop-up shop, but I'm anxious too. In some respects it'll also be nice once it's over as I can use this time of unemployment to sort my online shops out.

Right, time to buy more materials to make more stuff...


  1. I bet you'll appreciate this old post of mine:

  2. Thanks - good article, very true!

  3. My favorites are the mountains! Beauties!

  4. Thanks Cortney! I think those are my favourite too along with the little envelopes. Now I need to think what other tiny things could fit on earrings...!

  5. The envelopes are truly adorable! If only I had pierced ears :) Pricing is so hard...


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