Saturday, 5 June 2010

Hello June / Bye bye Job

Dear blog, I've neglected you again and for that, I am truly sorry.
I promise to write a hearty post as soon as possible, but for the moment I thought I'd just update you with general goings-on.
This week I quit my day job.
Unlike all the inspiring 'Quit your day job' interviews you read on Etsy, my story is sans sensible planning and just involved me making an over night drastic decision.
I'd only been working with this company for about two months. I'd made a decision to leave a job I was working at previously, because the money was SHIT but the job was 'creative' and I liked it. However, I made a brash decision to put money first and ditched that job for this one - an irrelevant job role for the sake of earning a few more bucks.
The company is really nice and everyone there was really nice and the job wasn't horrific or anything, but maybe my heart just can't cope with yet another 'random' job when all I want to do is design and make ALL DAY. I think my weird little breakdown the other week just added to it all, so I jacked it in.
So here I am, day 2 of unemployment. I feel so much happier already.
In the back of my mind, sure I'm shitting bricks - financially I'm far from well off - I have student debt which I pretend doesn't exist, I owe my parents a lot of money and I have an overdraft that's wanted clearing for about 5 years. But here I am, worst things could happen. I'm going to look for part time work, this time at a place that's relevant to what I want to do and the things I like and hopefully I'll find something.
In the meantime I'm going to sell all the many clothes etc that I don't wear on eBay and make as much as I can for the pop-up shop that Hannah and I are holding for a week in July (see below) and bung a load of stuff in my online shops.
Wish me luck x

PS: So yes, our pop up shop will be held at a shop called SHOW OFF which is on Harbour Street in Whitstable, Kent. It'll be from Wednesday 7th -  Tuesday 13th July. I'm not sure on the opening times but I'm assuming it'll be 9-5pm. Come along! Shop around, have a Mr Whippy and paddle in the sea. It'll be nice.

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