Saturday, 12 June 2010


I'm still jobless, however, I have been stitching like crazy in preparation for the Pop-up shop which is getting closer and closer. I'm a tad anxious. I think I've made enough stuff but it's so hard to tell until you get in the space and start setting it all up. I just hope someone shows up and buys something.

I've had no regrets about quitting the day job, I haven't felt this happy for a while. I do have a few niggling worries at the back of my mind about money and such. I even have a hot date at the job centre on Tuesday to see if I can get Job Seekers Allowance so with any luck, I will be Dole Scum soon!

Everyone seems to have World Cup fever at the moment. I made the mistake of strolling down to Asda earlier to get ingredients to make Nigella Lawson's Snickers Muffins and some Easter style chocolate nests (yeah I know it's not Easter but they're tasty and easy) but I discovered that all the louts were out with their horns and England flags, and nowhere stocks Mini Eggs anymore.

I also got a cheap webcam so I pester friends with Skype, and do goofy things like this:


  1. Thanks for entering the comp my love!
    I will definitely try and check out your pop up store!
    Good luck at the job centre. I see no shame in being a dole rat! My boyf was one for a while when he was in a band. And we got housing benefit for a while a few years back and that was absolute BLISS! I yearn for those days! These services are there to be used and abused with pride!

  2. Sorry for the delayed response, I'm terrible at this! Yes come by the pop-up shop if you can, hopefully it'll turn out nice. I'm officially a dole rat! It's not a bad amount of money you get, I just hope the first installment has gone into my the meantime: flogging old stuff on ebay!

  3. Good luck with the job hunting and have fun with the making/flogging in the meantime! This time last year, my temporary job was coming to an end and I had a few months of being unemployed. It was stressful and I am really glad to have my job now, but I do look back on those months fondly - it's just so great being the master of your own time :)

    p.s. I absolutely hate the (people in the) job centre though - never ever ever want to go there again!

  4. Thank you! Yeah part of me is really worried about the job issue, the other part of me is perhaps a bit too relaxed as I've got the pop-up shop to focus on and it's great to be my own boss in the meantime and like you say, manage my own time! It's bliss! Urgh, tell me about the Job Centre, I have to go back on Tuesday to prove I've been job hunting etc yuck.


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