Wednesday, 30 June 2010

My favourite Blog: Meet Bunny Bissoux

It's very likely I'm just not looking hard enough, but it seems like girls only blog about fashion and I find it a bit of  a borefest. My favourite blog which I've been following for a while now is by Bunny Bissoux. It's a heady mix of sweets, food with faces, wrestling, drawings, k-pop, bonkers Argus headlines, puppies and massive collections of great things.

So, without wanting to come across as a crazed stalker I sent Bunny a message and she's kindly answered some questions about some of her favourite things...

How did you come up with the name 'bunny bissoux' ?

My middle name is Bunny and I really like alliteration, and I always liked the word for "kisses" in french, bissoux, and I like saying it! so that was pretty much it.

Describe a day in the life of Bunny...

Because I work freelance my days vary a lot but here's a hypothetical average working from home day in the life of Bunny:
I put my alarm clock on snooze so many times that I start to dream about whatever song I had set as my alarm. I finally get up and make myself breakfast which I eat in front of my computer whilst I am checking emails, messages, updates and all the sites I like to keep up to date with, the most important being Asian entertainment news and the wrestling results. Once i'm dressed and ready for the day I either look at my ongoing list of tasks or write a new list for the day ahead, if I have errands to do I like to go out in the morning when its quieter everywhere (and I can just about cope with the heat in summer that way) so I might go to the post office, the printers, the supermarket or for whatever else I need. I come home and do some work until lunchtime whilst I watch an episode of a Japanese or South Korean TV show online and take a break. In the afternoon I work some more, I work on several projects at once so I try not to spend all day at my desk and will mix it up with some work at my other desk! The afternoon is usually littered with procrastination and further checking of various places online, I feel compelled to keep up to date with all the latest k-pop news. When my boyfriend gets in from work I will stop and make dinner for us, after dinner we might watch a film, we don't have a normal television so all our TV time is either online or VHS and DVDs. I'll do some more work at my computer, I'll write a blog post, do some research, as its gets later and later I will slowly become less constructive and soon my research has deteriorated to just watching k-pop videos and then its time for bed...

You describe yourself as an 'obsessive fanatic' what is your favourite thing to obsess over?

I seem to develop a new major obsession every couple of years that I get especially fanatical about, but somehow I never loose interest in the previous obsessions so it all just adds to this giant mass of things i'm passionately interested in that come back at me in waves. Right now, without a doubt, my favourite thing to obsess over is South Korean pop music, so much so in fact that I had to start a whole separate blog about it together with a friend of mine. If you're curious about K-pop or just curious to see the extent of our obsessing you can check it out at

What is your favourite...

... film?

I think i'm going to find it hard to choose one answer for any of these... oh dear, I usually answer this with "every film made by John Waters" and i'll stand by that but I have so many other favourites,  I always have multiple favourites of everything! Other all time favourite films include Edward Scissorhands, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Buffalo 66... (these haven't really changed in the past 5 years). I decided the other day that I think "Earth Girls are Easy" might be one of my favourite films too, I really feel like watching that right now! Oh and I finally watched "I'm a Cyborg (but that's OK)" and it instantly secured itself a place in my top 5 favourite films of all time, its wonderful.

... k-pop band?

I'm going to say its a tie between SHINee and BIGBANG.  SHINee were my first experience of K-pop and hold a special place in my heart for that, for their songs, for their dancing, for their styling, for their personalities, oddly enough (compared to many of my other k-pop choices) they don't have a particular dreamboat member i've fallen in lust with, I've just fallen in love with all of them (I want to type platonic love, but i'd be lying to myself), SHINee are making a comeback in July and I trust them enough to already know it's going to blow my mind. On the other hand BIGBANG have 2 members I am head over heels absolutely crazy about (one of whom I idolise and want to be just like, the other whom I worship and want to be with.. although I switch over as to which one is which on a daily basis) and they also hold their own in the songs, voices and the group dynamic. A definite joint favourite.

... dream-boat?

The Japanese actor Ken'ichi Matsuyama, really he is just the dreamiest dreamboat of them all to me, I am mesmerised by him in every film I see, i'll go with the tired cliche and state that I seriously respect him as the phenomenal actor that he is but aside from that, dreamboat level, I can't understand him much without subtitles but it doesn't even matter, I'd happily watch a film where he sits in an empty room for 5 hours, i'd PAY to see it. There might be some longstanding crushes who come close, and certainly a lot burning flames of infatuation with other dreamboats that really blow me away, but I think Ken'ichi might be "the one" you know? Sometimes I lose 10 minutes just thinking about the freckle on his nose. I think i've said too much.

... food?

Hmmm, sweets? Working in a sweet shop 4 days a week is certainly not a safe place for me. I'm quite obsessed with blueberries, I eat them on my breakfast almost everyday. I like battenberg cake, avocados, pretzels, yorkshire puddings, chocolate milkshakes, root vegetables especially pasnips (even better when my friend Sally makes me parsnip soup), noodles, lots and lots of vegetables, blue raspberry slushies.... not all at the same time.

... thing you've bought?

I really treasure a lot of books and records and objects i've bought over the years, really too many to choose a favourite. I probably have favourite items of clothing that i'm really glad I bought, in fact today my new shoes arrived, I've been hunting down for about 2 years and then could never afford them but finally decided to buy, I think they are set to become a firm favourite!

... blog?

Aside from my interests and obsessions I mainly like to read about my friends lives so my beautiful talented friends and are a must, and then there are the blogs that provide me with endless entertainment like my wrestling compadres and of course the wonderful And as a true fanatic I really love "fuckyeah..." tumblr's, my favourite of all is, it's perfect!

(Thank you Bunny!) I hope you all take a peep at her Blog x


  1. I have subscribed to her blog! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing her blog lovely, this is a great interview and I'll be sure to pop over :)

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  3. Thanks, I'm glad people are checking out her blog - I love it!


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