Friday, 23 July 2010

Art work for sale

I have so much to do at the moment and for that reason I'm finding it impossible to sleep. It doesn't help that it feels like the days are flying by at top speed. I've been busy listing items in Folksy, Etsy, Notonthehighstreet as I've already mentioned. I've also been having a mega eBay blitz and have a bag full of things to be listed on there. It's so time consuming though and I still have loads of things to sew for the shop I'm stocking at. ARGH!

Anyway, my reason for posting is because I thought it was about time my Embroidered 'Sieve Boobs' saw the light of day. I made them during my Fine Art degree at Leeds Met and they were on display at my degree show in 2005. The following year I entered one of them along with some other pieces (which I'll show you another time) to the Embroiderer's Guild 'Art of the Stitch' exhibition. I sold one and got a mention in The Times magazine which was rather exciting! Since then I'm ashamed to say I've pretty much abandoned the whole 'making art' thing and have neglected these little critters which have been living in a carrier bag in my room ever since. I'm so ASHAMED to admit that. Sorry art world.

At the time I made lots of work to do with confronting people with 'taboo' subject material without using rubbish shock tactics, but using more sensitive and subtle means. So somehow I ended up embroidering breasts onto kitchen sieves. I basically got carried away looking for anything that had the 'mesh' quality you find on embroidery aida/canvas and ended up making a wall full of boobs.

I have just added all the ones I made to my Etsy shop, so they're all for sale! The small ones are £40, medium £80, large £100. Not bad prices considering that each one is one-of-a-kind.

All pieces are copyright Sarah Fordham 2005.


  1. These are amazing- I really love them! I had a bit of a sewing and nipples thing going on when I was at art school- and I appreciate excellent handmade boobs when I see them. Fab!

  2. Thanks Nikki! I have been admiring your Tunnock's Teacake cushions!! They're so good. Whenever I'm financially back-in-black I'm going to get me some of them!

  3. just what sieves were made for surely. I can imagine they looked quite impressive displayed as a wall of them. I like the idea of a miniature ornate tea strainer one - sorry fine art tangent! Love the bobbly attention to detail.

  4. Hehe I do have a little tea strainer sized one! Only the mesh came away at the side so I had to sort of wrap a bit of the thread around the rim to hold it all together. I might add a picture of it later, I don't want it to feel left out!


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