Sunday, 18 July 2010

Back in the north

It's 2:53am and I cannot sleep. I got back to Manchester this evening and had the horrible realisation that while I knew I wasn't rich before, I definitely am not now. I left thinking I had a couple of hundred left in my overdraft but oh no, a load of stupid direct debits decided to come out ages after I initially made them. THANK YOU BANKS! Thanks heaps. So I am massively overdrawn in my main account (nothing new there) and my other one has become overdrawn too (genuinely no idea how that happened). So, tomorrow begins me trying to sort my life out (rapid reclaim on the old Job Seekers Allowance, listing everything I own on eBay and Amazon). Speaking of banks, I popped into Barclays to pay in a cheque while I was back home and the lady said there is another account that might 'be more suitable' for me. Erm, how can any account be more suitable to someone like me with minus a gazillion British pounds unless it comes with free money?


I need to find myself a part time job fast, but please dear God don't let it be a hellish one. Just something mundane that I don't have to worry about. I know beggars can't be choosers but I don't want to end up in my prior situation of having a full time job on OK money but being desperately unhappy and having no time to make things.

On that note, we're hoping to do the Pop-up shop again in December! We've pencilled in the first couple of weeks, I think it's the same dates again, 7th - 13th December. Pencil it in folks! I've added lots of pictures of the shop (there's still some more to come, I'm doing my very best to be selective) over HERE. Please become a fan and suggest it to your friends! I'm planning to hold a FLASH SALE over the next couple of weeks so I can clear some stock out and make some money and also because I've not held one before so I'm wondering if they are a success or not.

OH and before I forget, I'm not sure if I mentioned - but my favourite shop in Whitstable, FRANK are going to stock some of my work! They've taken some pieces to try out. Fingers crossed it sells!

I have lots more to update you with, but I'll do that in another post x


  1. ooh really like your blog! your earrings and cards are so cute!! hope you find a non-hellish job soon!

  2. Hello, and thanks! I've just looked at your blog, very sweet!


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