Thursday, 22 July 2010

Bye Bye Blythe

As you've already gathered from my bleating on about it, I am somewhat low on funds now (which is entirely self inflicted). But on a positive note, it has meant that I'm having a good old clear out of all the things I don't really need.

The latest addition to my eBay frenzy is my beloved Blythe doll! I don't really want to sell her but I think she needs to go to a loving home where maybe she can live amongst other Blythe dolls or go to a new owner who will give her lots of love and attention and let her pose for photographs...

She hasn't got her original box or stand, but I have got quite a few cute-as-heck accessories and outfits for her including an ice cream sundae hat, a turquoise coat with strawberry buttons and pink teddy bear lining AND some pink bunny boots. So if you know anyone who likes Blythes, be sure to link them up!

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