Wednesday, 21 July 2010

New Listings

Today I have written and sent out 7 CVs and applications, an angry letter to the bank and abandoned my thoughts of eating nothing but the fruits of mother nature to shift a few pounds and instead scoffed two packets of Wheat Crunchies (amongst other carb laden delights).

This afternoon I also experienced my first pervy phonecall. That's right folks, some perve called our landline. At first he was asking if 'Emma' was there, to which I said, 'You've got the wrong number' next thing I know he's telling me what he's going to be doing to his girlfriend tonight. GREAT. BYE!

In more exciting news, I have listed the first batch of cross-stitch earrings in my online stores! I made these in preparation for the Pop-up shop the other week so I hadn't put any online yet. But here you go, just click the links below:

Please take a peep. Items can be made in other colours and I do commissions too - so just ask!

OK, plug over.

POST SCRIPT - Just had my third bag of Wheat Crunchies. Someone put me out of my misery.


  1. hello! just realised you commented on the cake in the teacup!! i don't think they were baked in the cup, just iced in the cup! hoping to open my own tearoom soon and will def be stealing that trick! do you not have the google follow thingy?? x

  2. That tea-cup-cake is genius, I think we all need to steal that trick! That'd be amazing if you had your own tea room! I have a google follow thing right at the bottom, or you can click 'follow' on the top of the page X


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