Sunday, 11 July 2010

POP UP SHOP: 3 days left!

I thought I ought to do a little update on how the pop-up shop is going! We've been there 4 days now and there's only 2 days left. It took us a whole day to set up in the end as we had far more stuff that we thought we had, so that was a day wasted in a sense, but at least we know for future and we are relatively pleased with how it looks.

We thought Saturday would be the busiest day but we never expected 150 people to come through the doors! So we were really chuffed with that. Money wise, we've made our rent back for the week but really want to take home a bit more so fingers crossed we sell some more items each over the next couple of days!
I have a potential wholesale order for my cross-stitch cards which is really exciting but I won't get my hopes up until something is sorted.

The shopkeeper we rented the shop from, has her own vintage shop nextdoor and she bought one of Hannah's pocketwatch brooches and struck a pose for us - I love this photo!

It's been nice to see the people who buy our stuff in the flesh for a change as that's obviously something you miss out on when you sell online. It's also interesting to see what they buy and sometimes they buy the item you least expect, for example - I made a load of brightly coloured plastic beaded necklaces thinking they would appeal to kids or maybe girls in their teens/twenties wanting a bright but cheap chunky necklace but so far they've sold to women in their 60's (including my mum!) So it's still a bit of a learning curve!

We've heard customers say some really nice things. Two of the best comments were ''This is the coolest shop I've ever seen'' and ''I love it here I never want to leave!''. Aww shucks...

It'll be such a shame when this little pop-up ends, but it'll also be nice to go back to Manchester and sort myself out and put all my work onto my online shops and start making new things. You can take a look at the rest of the photos on my shop fanpage here or on Flickr.

Our shop is on Harbour St. Whitstable, Kent until Tuesday 13th July.


  1. Congratulations on such a great pop-up shop experience. I wish I could come see!

  2. Thank you! it's a shame you can't!

  3. Me too, it's probably the best thing in Kent!

  4. Ohhhhh I'm so fucked off I've missed this! Alex (the boyf and therefore chauffeur) has been away and now I'm working every day until it's over :(
    I'm so sorry I couldn't make it to see the shop! I really hope you make some profit, you deserve it. ♥
    Thanks for your comment on my Tues tip! Really glad you like it :)


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