Tuesday, 6 July 2010


 Hello, I'm typing this post on my blackberry and I still haven't got to grips with typing on it yet so please forgive any spelling mistakes and shoddy punctuation. I just wanted to remind you all that tomorrow our pop-up shop opens! We'll be setting up all morning no doubt, but hopefully it'll look the part come the afternoon. We've made so much stuff between us! Its being held at a shop on Harbour street called SHOW OFF. It's got a bright red shop front and is by lots of other cool trinkety shops so do drop by and check it out!

Show Off
Harbour st. Whitstable, kent
Wed 7th (come by in the afternoon after we've set up) until Tues 13th JULY

Oh, and we have lots of sweets to give away free with the first load of purchases, so come quick or we'll be tempted to scoff them! (I've already sneaked a few in my gob...oops)

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