Saturday, 24 July 2010


Today involved the boring task of moving the bedroom furniture around and doing some cleaning. Then I sat down with some videos and stitched some orders. Now it's time for some steak!


  1. That bit in the film always makes me smile...
    Lol I moved furniture around this weekend too, and slipped a disc. Be careful!

  2. i had a spare half a hour and remembered your lovely emailand blog :)!!! i love your blog been readiung it backwoods for the last half and hour. love the boobs made me laugh, i know womeone who would love one might have to see how much money i can find and maybe purchase as a early christmas gift!!
    i am going to email you back! lives just been a bit hectic and my interenet broke yestoday major disaster as i was going to list things on etsy and folksy, ok ill stop rambling!!
    loves xxx

  3. Hello! Aww don't worry about it, I hope it's fixed now! Yeah - get listing on Etsy etc when it's up and running! I'm trying to chuck loads of my stuff in my shops, but it's so time consuming, I need an assistant / slave hehe X


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