Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Window Shopping: Urban Outfitters

I like nothing more than to see Urban Outfitters post 'NEW IN' in my Facebook newsfeed, even if it is a painful reminder that I am poor to the very core! While not wanting to look like I'm pretending to be a 'Style Blog' every now and then I'm going to have to do something girly like mention clothes or shopping.

SO, while as I say, I'm skint (and most of these items probably wouldn't suit me anyway) here's a stream of my favourite bits from their 'NEW IN' stuff.

I really like this top. I'm pretty much on the hunt these days for any 'basics' that have a bit of a twist to them. I'm not totally won over on the idea of 'mesh' areas but this looks nice in the photo.

LOVE this sort of colour. As you'll notice in these pics I really like burgundy, dark green, grey, brown...basically sludgy colours. It's strange as while I love them I often feel a bit drab when wearing them but bold colours just isn't my cup of tea. It's also strange as all the jewellery and things I make are usually quite bright?

Again, simple item but with a nice frilly collar. I keep meaning to make this sort of thing myself and just get a good jumper / cardigan / t-shirt and jazz it up a bit...

This is just a cardigan version of the jacket above, I think I'd probably wear this more as I would be a bit shy in the jacket of looking too 'American Jock' haha.....

OK, so I rarely wear dresses. I told myself I'd lay off the cake and choc and wear dresses more, but that's yet to happen...anyway, I think if I wore dresses it'd need to be a high neck as I don't have any boobs so it'd be more flattering than a big gaping neckline. I love this colour, not sure how the saggyness of the top half would work out - really not convinced I could pull this off - but as an item to oggle whilst window-shopping, yep 10/10.

This is a bit of  a sneaky item really as I already have a tapestry holdal I found in a junk shop once and I never really get around to using it so I really wouldn't NEED this item but it sure is sweet. I was thinking of putting my bag on eBay for more funds but maybe I'll hold off for a bit...

Last but not least, a funny little wire shelf thing. It's a bit 'bird cage' but I think it might be a useful prop at craft fairs if I do any more again. Or just another place to put all my junk at home.

Now all I need to do is get some dough so I can buy all this stuff! I bought a 'Pigs Might Fly' scratch card today. I didn't win anything.


  1. I have a serious problem with Urban Outfitters (and it could be seen as no problem, depending on how you look at it) in that I always spend FAR too much money in there. Love the last dress, though yes, you would need to have no boobs for it to hang properly! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  2. Urgh, me too! I think it's because most items aren't less than £30 so as soon as you've picked up a couple of tops you're in the £60 zone and then it just spirals out of control!


    You should be it for me as a friend warming present.


  4. I think you should get me one to thank me for getting it for you. Yep?


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