Saturday, 14 August 2010

Keep it Weird...

You really should be careful what you wish for! I've been hoping a picture of one of my items listed on Etsy would get included in one of their blog articles sometime, and today it did.

I was a bit confused that one of my 'Embroidered Sieve Boobs' view count had sky rocketed and had initially put it down to the fact I'd paid to include it in one of their Art Showcases. But the count went up some more and I decided to Google it... that's when I realise that it had been included in an Etsy article  called 'Keep it weird...' (Thanks Etsy!).

Then I see a link to it has been put on Facebook's ''Regretsy'' page by some lady with another commenting ''I saw that too - WHY?!!'  to which I replied ''Because it was my Degree Show Art work..that's why?!!'' I thought it had got deleted after that but it's still there...!

For anyone that doesn't know, ''Regretsy'' is a site where people get to post pictures and links to all the ridiculous and rubbish items they find on Etsy that people have made. I knew it would happen - of course my work is ''weird'' ! I'm also confident that it is not poorly made, but of course I am a tiny bit bothered by it. Silly me!

H'oh well...all publicity is good publicity...apparently?!


  1. Just silly narrow mindedness I'd say! I love your sieve boobs, me and my boyfriend were in our local department store in the kitcheny part and I told him all about your creations when I saw their sieves!

    Controversial is always good :)

    Grace x

  2. I love the boob! It's a great idea!
    It looks like it took a long time. I wouldn't take it too personally though, it's all fun, and some things on regretsy I reallllly like!
    Although anything on etsy that has any thing to do with 'private parts' is put on regretsy.. :)

  3. Thanks, you're both right! At the end of the day I just *knew* it'd end up on there and there's always going to be a lot of people who don't like your work or don't 'get' it! I guess I am just being silly. It's just horrible that initial feeling when people have taken what you do the wrong way or something? I didn't want it to be labelled as shit as I think they are well made... anyhoo, nevermind! Like Kate Moss with the cocaine scandal I am going to bounce back (pardon the pun) and work my butt off now in order to make my millions! Heheh.

  4. Oh lord that is so silly! What is one person's taste is another person's hate. I personally think it's fantastic, really original and fun, what's so wrong with it? Now if you'd have ventured into male genatalia, perhaps some perverse sort of salt n' pepper shaker, then I would have worried.

    Thanks for the darling comments sweets! I'm only just getting through them hehe

    jazzy ♥


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