Sunday, 29 August 2010

Moustache Crazy

I confess that when I saw all the emo kids were getting tattoos of moustache on their finger etc. I didn't really 'get it'. But for some reason, I bought into the whole fad recently (as I do love facial hair) and made a set of moustache pictures and then it spiralled out of control. Today I made a set of moustache buttons and a ring too...

Set of little cross-stitch moustache pictures.

Cross-stitch moustache ring (excuse my sausage fingers!)

Set of 4 cross-stitch moustache buttons for your cardigan.

Set of 4 Circus themed buttons for your cardigan.

Making buttons is truly addictive. I've not got around to swapping the boring buttons on my cardigans for handmade ones yet, but I think it's going to have to be done! 

TIP: Make sure the buttons fit through your button hole - I cannot be held responsible if you get trapped inside your cardigan. You could also swap them for the buttons on a jacket, or a skirt? I've also seen people just stitch them onto their bag - that can look cute.

As usual, they are all available to buy in my Etsy store and Folksy store too.


  1. i personally hate moustaches but yours looks so adorable I can't say no to it haha

  2. Haha, why thank you! I know what you mean - I like beards and facial hair in general but I think a moustache would be one hell of a difficult thing to pull off! You could end up with a caterpillar lip!


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