Thursday, 26 August 2010

New Job and things for sale!

Well, I just got a call to say I have a job, HOORAY! Finally. The downside is it's only 12hrs and very crap pay, BUT it does involve working in a chocolate shop. EXCELLENT. Currently it's Thorntons but some of their branches are changing to be a bit posher and have a new name or something? More on that when I know. Sounds like they don't really know too much about it all either. Apparently I have to go to Derbyshire in a couple of weeks time to spend two days eating chocolate (I mean, 'training'). Bonus!

In other news, I have whipped up a load of rings which I have put in my Etsy shop at under £5.00 each for one week only! So the offer will end on Thursday 2nd September. Feel free to 'become a fan' here on Facebook as I tend to put pictures and offers on there first, so you will be the first to know! Here are a few examples...

Little acorns.

Little volcano.

Little envelope and chintzy flowers.

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