Monday, 30 August 2010

Stuck in a rut

Since turning the ripe old age of 27 this month, it has dawned on me that I feel like I've wasted my 20s so far worrying about my weight and letting it hold me back from wearing nice clothes. (Don't get me wrong, I'm not obese but like most people I'm very out of shape!) I love clothes and reading Vogue etc like the next girl, but it doesn't reflect in what I wear. I live in ill fitting jeans and t-shirts and cardigans and while I don't want to stop wearing jeans etc, I need to stop it from making me feel so slobby. What they say is true, if you dress up you feel better so I need to get a grip.

The catch is, as I've moaned before, I do not have a penny to my name. All the money I do get I end up spending on materials for making things and feel guilty if I spend it on clothes. So, short of going down the road of dividing up a budget for money that I don't have in the first place, I need a new plan.

I think I might start setting aside time to root through charity shops again. I find these days that a lot of charity shops have been vamped up to be more stylish and have a price tag to match. It's hard to find ones that still have items for a few pence or under a fiver. It also tests my patience, as while I love charity shops - I've always been better at finding 'objects' than bothering to rummage through every item of clothing on the rails.

But, here goes. I think it needs to be done! I think I'm going to set myself a little target where I sort out my boring wardrobe but on a budget. I have a sewing machine now so it's up to me to stop being lazy and put it to good use! It's going to be hard, as again, it's down to patience - if something doesn't interest me enough I just don't bother doing it.

I don't want to just rely on charity shops and I hate Primark mostly, but maybe I should do my best to try and unearth some bits that are half decent? I've had a big wardrobe clear out already. I've been quite ruthless - anything that I've never worn or don't wear enough has gone on eBay or the charity shops and I've still got more to sort through. I should probably figure out first what items it is I really need / want first, before I end up just buying any old crap and starting the cycle all over again!

So yep. I don't think I'll be posting any pictures of my ugly mug just yet - but soon I may have to start documenting this silly journey as it might help make me stick to my plans.

If any of you have any hints or tips as to how to find the best things second hand or places to get things cheap, and better still any easy sewing patterns - let me know!  I think I will start by making these horrible jeans into a skirt or something. Seriously, thanks a bunch New Look - this pair fits so weirdly.


  1. ooo yay a wardrobe wake up, this sounds such a great idea.. after all you only live once! i'm not much of a charity shop expert, but goodluck!!

  2. Hola! Yes, I am a size 14 and used to spend a lot of my time wishing I looked like Christina Aguilera.

    Just recently I gained a few extra pounds, pushing me over the edge of not being able to fit into jeans any more and... it's actually given me a new lease of life. I am forced to wear dresses every day, which is simpler because you don't have to find a clean top that matches the skirt, or whatever.

    Anyway. I bought a couple of plain dresses from Dunnes (not sure if you have a Dunnes your way but it's a bit Matalan-ish and not as hellish as primark), they have a nice little detail of rouching around the hips. A couple of £3 cinch belts and a few pairs of different coloured tights. I look cool without even trying.

    I think the key is to get a couple of basic things and plenty of belts, brooches (shouldn;t be too hard for you!) tights etc, and work those.

    Oh and New Look jeans - awful. I tried some on and not only do they fit weirdly but the fabric is so thin - doesn't do me any favours. Luckily I got given some from River Island. Fabric is thicker and sturdier and stops be looking like an over-stuffed sausage.

    Have fun! You must show us your purchases/makes!

  3. Ta for the tip, I shall have to look up this shop and see if there's one nearby! Talking of cheapo shops, I've never entered Peacocks for a proper gander and since everyone is going on about things like Pearl Lowe doing a range there I might see what it's like there. I think you're right about dresses. It's stupid really as I know a size 14 isn't MASSIVE, BUT I sure as hell feel so big and heavy! I worry my legs look like tree trunks in skirts and dresses but like you, I just feel they're easier and it feels 'nicer' than being squashed in jeans. Shit, if I could wear elasticated trousers all the time I would. Haha! Actually, right now I've just put on my pyjama bottoms...oh God.......

    Oh yes and belts. I don't have much of a waist at the mo', and worry the belt will sort of divide my blub into two separate tyres but I will give it a try!! Will have a shop soon and dare to photo what I find!

  4. I think you should buy those basics tops, skirts etc that are about £3 in places like topshop/dorothy perkins. That way you know they're clean and crab-free (it happens). Then, use your sewing machine and artsy skills to turn them into Fordie's One Off Masterpieces of Awesomeness and model your OWN work for a change, instead of paying some snooty business for the privilege of selling their products!

  5. Poob - you're right. I need to pull my finger out, buy some simple things (hoping they fit properly) and revamp them with some stitched on bits. It's been a plan for a while but like all things I never get around to it, tut! So yes, I'll have to do that!

  6. I think the best advice I could give you is - for the charity shops, head to the big cities! Look out for vintage markets on too, they have them every 3 or 4 months in Sheffield, Birmingham, Manchester and Nottingham and they're incredibly reasonable. Good luck! :)jazzy ♥

  7. Thank you for the tip! I have a sinking feeling I've missed the one here in Manchester, I will have to look them up. I was always reluctant as I thought they'd be mega vintagey ie, dresses and hats and things and I just want nice 'normal' pretty things, I don't want to dress up like Dita Von Teese haha. I shall let you know if I go to one and what I find! :)

  8. Was just thinking tonight about how shamefully unglamorous I have become over the last 18 months (I wasn't even starting from that great a place!)and how I should embrace (or accept, probably) my extra pounds and make an effort to be more...szchooszchy. I'd still like to get in shape a bit, but no point in looking like a sack of potatoes while I try, eh? You have given me some food for thought...


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