Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Interview and GIVE AWAY!

Well, it seems to be quite a popular thing at the moment to interview people to feature on your blog and why not? Kim and I have interviewed each other, with her kicking off with my little interview first which you can read on her brilliant blog here: Hip Hop Side Project I hope I don't bore you all too much!

The added bonus is that there is a little give away to win a pair of my Moustache Earrings which I featured in my previous post OR one of my (just under) £8.00 cross-stitch rings as featured in my Etsy store. It's super easy to enter, all you have to do is follow her blog and comment on it to say which one of my products is your favourite! Easy!

I think it's really amusing how Kim describes how we met - we'd both decided to participate in a terrible craft fair where I got diddled out of the best part of £100 but at least we have met each other and now moan about craft woes and struggles and plan domination!

Speaking of interviews, I'm going to set up a bit of a regular feature on here so that my blog gets more regular love and attention. I've realised that all of my friends are basically super talents and need to be shown off! So that's what I'll be doing, watch this space!

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