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INTERVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Kim Lawler of FinestImaginary

It's that time again to feature another friend! This time it's Kim of FinestImaginary. We met last Christmas at a craft fair that went horribly wrong, but out of this came a good crafty friendship. We're slowly and secretly plotting craft world domination. Take a read of this interview and take a peep at the giveaway at the end!

Tell us a bit about 'Finest Imaginary' - how did it start?

I was always making and selling things while at college & uni, from screen printed t-shirts to jewellery made from pre-bought charms and beads. I decided that I wanted to start making my own designs, and after finding a great laser cutting company to work with things just took off! The first designs are still one of my best sellers – the teapot and grr/arg necklaces.

Do you have a creative or business minded background?

Creative. I went from college to an art foundation and then on to a degree in 'Interactive Arts', which was pretty much fine art. Me and my degree didn't get along very well, and I don't think I got much out of it. I spent the majority of my time at uni decided what I wanted to do after and setting the foundations for FinestImaginary

Do you get to work on Finest Imaginary full time or do you have a day job?

I work from 9-5.30 as a web developer, which is a bit removed from fine art, but was something that I'd picked up a decent amount of skills in just by developing my own websites (including I don't even do that much web design in my day job, mainly all the codey bits, so it's nice to still have a creative outlet in FinestImaginary!

Laser cutting is very popular, probably due to Tatty Divine! Is it difficult to make yourself known? What sets you apart?

Initially people seem to compare my work to Tatty Devine quite a lot, but I really think that the similarity stops at the process/medium. With FinestImaginary I work with characters a lot more, and I tend to make additions such as swarovski beads. I also work on a slightly more obscure and geeky level than a lot of my 'competitors'! As a brand finestimaginary is also moving into more of a broad spectrum, we're introducing t-shirts, other printed apparel and a load more pin badge sets!

What are your favourite pieces that you've made? What is your most popular piece?

My favourite pieces at the moment are the wooden cut designs. I actually have a new design coming up that makes a mix of plastic AND wood, that's quite an interesting piece :) Our current best seller has to be the science beaker an flasks, they're clear with etched details.

Where do you get your inspiration and ideas from?

A lot of my work comes from doodles, or cultural things. I know a lot of scientists, and in another life I would've been a biomedical/forensic scientist (I got accepted onto that degree but chose art instead!), so science and geeky things seem to come up quite a lot!

With a day job, do you have a strict routine for designing and making things for Finest Imaginary in your spare time?

I'd like to say I did, but I don't. My evenings and weekends are sucked into a void of packaging, posting & admin.. any other spare time I find lets me do some *actual* design work! I sometimes head to a coffee shop before work and sketch out rough ideas that I can later digitise at home, and other times I'll spend my lunches in the library.. just need to fit things in as and when!

Do you have any other hobbies?

Quite a few, although in the run up to Christmas those are all kinda on hold while I work on FinestImaginary things. I enjoy running, however, I haven't been able to go out and do any lately. I blog quite a lot, and take quite a few photos. Last year I started learning Spanish which I'd really love to take up again!  

Favourite Books / TV shows / Films / Websites to browse...

My favourite books are my comfort books, I actually did a blog post about these ( They include American Gods by Neil Gaiman, His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, and the Harry Potter series.
TV shows include Buffy, Lost, True Blood, House, and so many others. As me and my beau are both super busy most evenings we tend to just rocket through DVD box sets!
My fave films include: Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, High Society & The Queen... I have no idea why I like The Queen so much. It's a guilty pleasure!

Where can we find you? 

My blog: 

FinestImaginary places:

And I'm on twitter, too!


Kim has been kind enough to offer you lot the chance to win one of her lovely black acrylic teapot necklaces!

For your chance to win, simply comment on this post telling us what your favourite item from FinestImaginary is. 

The winner will be picked at random (using a random number generator from 

Giveaway ends FRIDAY 1ST OCTOBER! Good luck!


  1. My favourite is actually one of my prized little friends the Fox, love the original design but the etched laser work for his ears and eyelashes is perfect in contrasting shiny/matt finish I LOVE HIM lots. More wood designs please i like them :)

  2. I agree... mr wooden hot pot fox is my fave!!! He will be added promptly to my favourites, xxx

  3. how lovely! finestimaginary is such a sweet shop full of lovelies! my favourite piece is the teapot of course but i also love the grr argh monster pink acrylic necklace too! they're all super cute! x x

  4. Foxy is cute, but I like the umbrella/raindrop necklace and the science beaker. The beaker is a great idea :)

    I have a new blog to read now too! :) Yay for KIM!

  5. I love your Vampire Fangs Knecklace. Especially the little detail in the blood-drop bead, that's a nice touch. :)

  6. Oo yay! I found this blog via Kim & heh, I'm a (nearish) Manchester girl living in Kent so you appealed to me there :D
    I love finest imaginary, I want it all. Especially the science beaker cos I'm a scientist, and I just got my sister the EPIC necklce. x

  7. vampire fangs necklace :) so cute, love everything in the shop actually!

    very inspiring x

  8. Oh my the fox is my favourite - I love how cheeky his face looks!

  9. I love the arrrggg grrrr and teapot necklaces - both are lovely and that little bit different :-)

  10. The grr and arg necklaces - I love jewelry with a twist. :-)

  11. love these 2...

    Grit and say these words often!

  12. I love the teapot, but the fox is really cute

  13. The antique book necklace is so adorable that I might have to ask for it for Christmas ^^

  14. I love, love, love the fox. And keep saying I'm going to get it when I get paid, and then horrible bills come in, or I don't get paid when I'm off having surgery, and I then moan about it on the internet.

  15. I have just discovered Finest Imagery on my wanderings through various blogs and have fallen in love. My favourite is the xoxo necklace. I like it so much I'm about to buyit for my sister for her birthday. Keep up the good work.

  16. the fox is so cute
    love the teapot also

  17. MONOCULAR D'BEAN! such a gent

  18. wooow cool giveaway
    my favorite is actually the acrylic teapot necklace... my love for all tea-related products will live on forever.
    Hope I wiin *crosses fingers*


  19. I have the wooden fox necklace, definitely one of my favourite items of jewellery! Always gets comments from my friends on how lovely it is :)

  20. I love the Monocular D'bean pin set (but the fox head necklaces are a close second).

  21. I love the little foxes... I have my heart set on one and have dropped huge hints to my boyfriend! Everything is so cool tho, I love her simple clean style!

  22. i have a thing for wooden jewellery, so definitely the fox - i have some old Polish hand sanded wooden jewellery, it feels so nice in the hand! love it :)




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