Saturday, 11 September 2010

Just a quick update

Hello. This is just a little post really to say that I've made some new bobby pins which are now in my Etsy and Folksy shops. I'll be adding them to my Notonthehighstreet shop tomorrow no doubt. I think I've gone a bit pattern-crazy but I like them! I think the pattern above, mainly the colours, remind me of the designs you see hand painted on old gypsy caravans. There are lots like the pattern pictured below, which is a little more inspired by the patterns you see on Navajo fabric. Pretty!

I've been asked if I'll be making any cufflinks which is a coincidence really as a load of blank cufflink pieces arrived in the post for my yesterday, so yes! I'll be making cufflinks this week. They'll probably have moustache and volcanoes and space invaders on - need to bloke-it-up a bit!

Right, I've got to nip out now to the weekly Asda trip! I bet it'll be rammed full of pikeys but nevermind. We're going to a friends house for dinner tonight and they're cooking chilli! We were meant to be making the starter but my other half is so picky and everything seems to have cheese in it (which he doesn't like) so we're cheating and getting nachos and dips and things. Yum!

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