Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Update and new items

I have survived my first 3 days in my new part time job at the chocolate boutique. It's nice, I think I will like it there. Once again it is very different to previous jobs. I'm used to being in a big department store or more recently (and rather briefly) the horrible call centre, so it's strange to be in a tiny room all day speaking to customers. There are some fancy chocolates with gorgeous packaging though. Looks like everyone will be getting chocolate for Christmas...

I've got some quite exciting Etsy related news in the pipeline that I'm really excited about but all will be revealed in a couple of weeks I hope. I'm a bit nervous about it actually, but anyway...

...I listed some new items today. I made them a few weeks ago. I've finally got around to making some items for men. I really need to churn out some more designs and different items but I find it far to easy to get side tracked and stuck making one particular thing.

Anyway here are some cuff links - sorry the photos aren't too great. They are all listed in my Etsy store now.


  1. Wow, the moustache cufflinks are super-cute. You are so talented!

    Love Christina x

  2. if i was a man i'd so wear those!!!x

  3. Haha! Thanks ladies. It's hard thinking of what to make for men. All their accessories sound boring, like key rings?! Oh well, I'll tackle them next... X

  4. These are so sweet, your shop constantly inspires me! Do you do commissions or would you consider it? Infact, I'd love to do a feature of your work on my blog with a couple of qs, would you mind? :) Let me know! jazzy ♥

  5. Hello Claire - thanks! Yes, I happily do commissions - you can contact me about them through Etsy or email me at ma-magasin@hotmail.co.uk and feel free to send me some Q's! :) X


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