Friday, 8 October 2010

15 minutes of Etsy-based fame!

So, a really exciting thing happened - I got interviewed by Etsy!

It is trés embarrassing to see my ugly mug on a website and I feel all exposed but then another part of me doesn't give a toss as like everyone else who sells on Etsy, you dream of getting the chance to be featured like this! I'm massively grateful to Amity for interviewing me.

It's also funny that my 'embroidered sieve boobs' are getting me all this attention when I actually made them way back when I was finishing university in 2005.

Anyway, if you like you can read the interview here.


  1. Hi

    I love your blog so I gave you an award

    Have a fab weekend

    Natasha x

  2. Well done you! Don't think I have really seen your face before, you should get it out more often! x

  3. Haha - I'm not a big fan of getting my mug out, feel all exposed! X


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