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INTERVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Sami Teasdale (aka Teasemade)

If you've been following my blog for the past few weeks you will probably have noticed that I have been doing little interviews on my creative buddies every few days. If you've missed out, do click on 'older posts' to take a quick read over the previous ones as there really are some talented folk to be seen.

Next up is Sami Teasedale, the lady behind Teasemade. She has recently become my new-found button and stitching buddy. With a love of all things tiny and stitched she really has created some lovely little treasures.


Oh, and what's more, Sami is happy to have a giveaway for all you lucky lot! The prize being your favourite item from her Folksy or Etsy store (links at the end of the interview). Generous or what?! All you have to do is simply comment on this post telling us what your favourite item is. I will pick the winner using a random number generator ( on FRIDAY 15TH OCTOBER!

Tell us a bit about your creative background

I actually studied Fine Art Sculpture for my degree doing all sorts of messy practices, my final show involved negative body casting in clear casting resin and kaleidoscopic Polaroid photography.  All such fun things require studios and equipment so textiles and jewellery became my creative outlet when leaving university. From young I’ve always been surrounded by threads, fabric and handmade wares, my mum is excellent at all that stuff and my Dad had a wood workshop which explains my strange but equal love of power tools. My sisters and I would draw pictures of dream things we wanted, show Mum and then we’d all spend hours snipping, pinning, stitching cross legged on the floor and it would appear like magic. I really thought everyone did this at the time, I now realise that I was super lucky and making things has become second nature.
What gave you the idea to start Teasemade?
Teasemade started many years ago quite different to what I make now, out of a need for being creative and wanting more from a dull post Uni 9 –5 then life raced away with itself as it tends to do. At the time I got head hunted into a brand and product development role, which led onto teaching Product Design & Technology, bringing me back to Teasemade and where I am now. While teaching I suddenly became ill and I couldn’t do much apart from hand stitch. I needed labor intensive distraction, intricate objects, positive challenges and rewards are so important when other things aren’t quite going to plan. Teasemade initially re-started as a blog to record my makings, and as the months went on I needed a bigger goal for myself so I looked into setting up shop with my experience of product and branding. Things have steadily grown since then and what started as a personal challenge has become real. Had it not have been for my health and lifestyle pause I’d not have had such an intensive opportunity to be creative and re-find teasemade in the intricate way that you see it now. 
What is your favourite piece that you have made? What item is most popular with your customers?
My favourite is Mr Grey Love Token pendant for the irresistibly cute miniature squirrel and quirky Grayson Perry Liberty print combo. Most of my jewellery is of limited edition due to the nature of using seasonal and sometimes rare/reprinted colourway fabrics so there is no one item that stands out as being most popular, however the bird themed brooches are usually the first to go. Apart from jewellery I also make textile art stitching commissions and other personalised textile work, and currently I’m working on a range for the shop. My most magical stitched experience was a wedding dress collaboration where I designed and hand stitched the birds and buttons, getting to see it on the wedding day was breath taking.
Are you lucky enough to work on Teasemade full time or do you have a day job? 
The important thing about being self-employed for me is the flexibility, it becomes a lifestyle I don’t have a rigid routine each day is different I can fit work around daily commitments and vice versa. I rotate jewellery stitching/making and textile art stitching between commissions to keep things fresh. I’m a night owl, I find it difficult to put stitching down and always take my sewing with me everywhere (literally my entire sewing box!), just incase I have a spare 10 mins I feel lost without it. I do love making but part of me misses teaching and I look forward to my ultimate dream of being able to do Teasemade AND workshops/tutor work in the future, I find the environment and exchange of learning really inspiring.
Where do you get your inspiration from?
The strangest of places sometimes but mostly nature, music lyrics, emotion, printed pattern, illustration.
Who are your favourite artists and makers?
Louise Bourgeois and Annette Messeger, brilliantly crazy ladies. Anish Kapoor, and Ron Mueck, casting and scale. Rob Ryan simply melts my heart.
Do you have any other hobbies?
Not at the moment there’s too much to sew and learn still, it can be difficult when your work is your hobby but when I want to relax I always stitch a bird - bliss. Do birds count as a hobby I like birds, I mean all things prettified with birds not just actual birds. I think I have issues; I have yet to own a pair of binoculars though.

What are your favourite books / tv shows / films / websites to peruse etc.?
I like imaginary worlds mostly and weird things when it comes to books and films, involving creatures, costume and set design/props like The Science of Sleep, Where the Wild Things Are. I love Rhald Dahl, Angela Carter; otherwise I have a huge collection of art and design books (yes bird books too). Tv shows, my longstanding guilty pleasure is Smallville (superheroes!), Fringe, House, and costume dramas.
 Where can we find you online?


  1. My favorite item is the Pendant - My Heart Or Yours from Teasemade's Etsy shop:

  2. Great interview! I love this the most

  3. Lovely to read about how Teasemade got started, I love this pendant;

  4. woow such a lovely giveaway thaanks :)
    I love the Pin Cushion Brooch (large) I am always alwaays loosing my needles so this would be the cuutest pincushion to have. And the golden scissors is such a perfect addition to it

  5. heyy. great giveaway! my fave item is the 'Earrings : Yarn (pink)' theyre so adorable :)

    im on twitter @cLare_beaR_

  6. I LOVE Teasemade. Sami is a very talented lady! My fave is the pretty pony brooch:

  7. i love the mr blue Brooch best! so cute~ I also like any of the brooches with teacups... and the pincushion!

    le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

  8. Heather Meyer Boothby12 October 2010 at 04:27

    I heart the owl pendant but also really like your bobby pins!!Awesome craft!

  9. I love all of the brooches!

  10. I love this stuff! I was hoping to get something for my birthday last month but unfortunately my hints when unnoticed.
    My favourite item is The Little Hoot Lead Pendant. I also love the teacup brooch. So hard to choose a favourite.

  11. oooh! I'd love to win the 'Key To My Hear' pin brooch from your Etsy shop!

  12. It's always nice to read about other designers, love this series! Hard to choose a favourite piece but if I had to narrow it down, it would be the pony-related pieces or the wee petal-y rings - sweet!

  13. My favourite is the Flock Together Pendant:

    Really beautiful pieces, keep going Teasemade!

  14. WOW. I really love your stuff! It's amazing and the perfect accessories for any outfit.

    I'd really love to win your 'Ring : Snip Scissors' as it is absolutley GORGEOUS!

  15. Well, it's got to be the bright eyes owl pendant for me ( - what a treat!

  16. I've just stumbled on your blog, nice feature! I'd love to be entered into the giveaway. I'm a fan of fabric brooches so would choose the squirrel leaf brooch if I was lucky:)

  17. totally teacup!
    whether pendant or pin, i'm in love :)
    thx for your generosity!
    and for posting it :)
    bless you !

  18. super talented fiber artist
    i love everything but especially anything with a bird in it

  19. Lovely article! I personally have undergone some major health problems and had a very similar upbringing (dad-woody) (mum-seamstress)so have eventually ventured into selling my wares:)

    Love your work, you are super talented:)
    I adore the little face earrings:)

  20. It is so lovely to know more about Teasemade and what makes her creativity tick! My favourite is
    I love owls XXX

  21. My fave item is this

  22. The love token pendant is my favourite. :)

  23. Gorgeous! love Teasemade creations. My favourite would be the Butterfly pendant but love them all! x

  24. I Love Teasemade!! I bought a tiny little brooch from Sami for my one of my friends birthdays (it was so gorgeous and delicate) - when I get the money I am going to treat myself to one of her pendants!! :) My favourites are Mr.Grey Squirrel pendant and Little Hoot Owl Pendant - I really couldn't choose between them! xx
    Lovely blog xx

  25. Am a huge fan of Sami's stitchery. Not only that, she is so NICE! Great Q&As by the way.

    My favourite thing is this blue and red horse & cowboy pendant:

    Clippety clop!

    PS. The name of your blog is now stuck in my brain. I can't stop repeating it! Where's it from? What does it mean?!

  26. Great read! I love Teasemade pretties and it was a toughie to choose but I think my favourite is her My Heart or Yours Pendant.

    Multiple fingers crossed :)
    Helen x

  27. Wow what amazing things!

    I think I've fallen totally in love with your Leaf Pendent: Little Hoot!

    How amazing!


    THE GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED................!


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