Monday, 18 October 2010

INTERVIEW: Hannah Golding of Sweet Trash

I've been a bit slow getting the next creative friend interview up, but next up is my friend Hannah! I met Hannah when I worked at Debenhams in Canterbury for a couple of months one summer between leaving my grotty flat in Leeds and moving to Manchester. We both worked as Visual Assistants which basically meant dressing mannequins and getting very sweaty and frustrated in the shop windows whilst stupid idiots knock on the glass and point and stare. Despite working for Debenhams, we had a laugh and bonded over our love of all things crafty and dreamt of bigger and brighter things. Sadly, the bigger and brighter things haven't really happened just yet but this summer we both rented a shop for a week and had our own 'Pop-up shop' in Whitstable which was lots and lots of fun! So much fun in fact that we're having another one before Christmas (dates at the end of this interview!)

Tell us about your creative background

Well, I did a Textile degree at Norwich School of Art and Design. Then I had a stint working as a wardrobe assistant for my local theatre working on the Pantomimes which was fun but pretty full on with only one day off and 3 shows at the weekend.
What made you decided to start up Sweet Trash?
I've always made or customized things for myself and sold a few bits on ebay but decided to set up Sweet Trash as a bit of a reaction to my job getting less and less creative. To be honest I hadn't really taken it too seriously until this year and now I'm starting to book more craft fairs and plotting for craft domination.
Large Scrabble Stag Necklace

Do you have a day job or are you lucky enough to work on Sweet Trash full time? If you have a job, how do you juggle both? 
I work as a Visual Assistant at Debenhams and usually spend my evenings and some of my weekend making/listing ( although I've been a bit slack on the listing-oops!) I don't mind giving up some evenings as it find it pretty relaxing in my little  Sweet Trash room with a bit of 4OD on my laptop (although I usually succumb to bit of twittering of facebooking.) 

Black Loveheart Brooch made with fabric and layered felt

What is your favourite piece that you've made? What is your most popular item?
Hmm well I haven't sold that much online but offline I'd say my best seller is my felt/fabric brooches. As for my favourite piece that tends to change weekly (I'm superficial like that.) At the moment it's probably between my scrabble stag necklace and scrabble apple brooch. Next week it will probably be a pom pom necklace or something. 

Scrabble Apple Brooch

Your pieces are quite eclectic - do you have a preferred way of working? ie, do you enjoy making pom poms more than the clock jewellery etc?
Yeah it's quite a random mix isn't it? I think because I like so many different styles I want to try them all. I usually go through phases of doing one style but if I need to build up stock for a pop up shop or stall then I'll attempt to stick to a plan of how much to make and when.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
It's usually from found objects/materials. I love a bit of upcycling and it's also really cheap to source things from charity shops.

Mourning Necklace

Who are your favourite artists / makers?
Recently had a splurge on jewellery from 'Love From Hetty & Dave' but also love 'Mamas Little Babies' and (yawn) Tatty Devine.

Pom Pom Bunny Ears

What other hobbies and interests do you have aside from Sweet Trash?
Well, I love to see a musical and occasionally I'll drag myself away from the telly long enough to do a spot of painting and drawing or rubbish photography with my robot camera or fish eye cam. I'm also going through a phase of buying/playing random instuments. Bought a stylophone to annoy people with and now Ukuleles are catching my eye. Oh and there's also an obsession with kitsch phones. Recently saw a wooden duck phone at a fair but didn't make it back in time to buy it. Was inconsolable.
Fabric and felt cassette tape brooches

What are your favourite Books / TV shows / Films / Websites to peruse etc?
Not much of a reader but like 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' and anything by Edward Gorey (although there's probably not enough words in his books to qualify as reading.) 
TV shows I like are Eerie Indiana, Mock the Week (only when Frankie Boyles' involved) Fashion Police, Flight of the Conchords, Family Guy, Spaced, the IT Crowd, Freaks and Geeks, My Name Is Earl and anything where people have to make stuff like Project Runway, Great British Bake Off, Come Dine With Me etc.
Films would be Edward Scissorhands (probably my fave), Big Lebowski, Pan's Labyrinth, The Hudsucker Proxy, Brazil, The Fisher King, Rushmore, Bottle Rocket and anything from Hayao MiyazakiStudio Ghibli 
Websites: What Katie Wore, YouTube, Awkward Family Photos, Dazed Dorothy, Irregular Choice

Hannah's Large Pom Necklace 
worn by Katie on blog 'What Katie Wore'

Where can we find Sweet Trash?

Also if you fancy a trip to Whitstable, Kent then come to our Pop up shop... 

1st - 7th December 
There should be lots of festive fun to be had!


  1. Will definitely be popping along to your pop up shop! Love whitstable and have only had ONE visit since moving to Canterbury in June. Excited :D

  2. Oh yes do please come along! We're planning on having candy canes and mince pies on offer too of course! :) X

  3. And will these mince pies be homemade?

  4. I'd love to offer home made but I think customers would be more inclined to take a shop bought mince pie (READ: shop bought but we'll say we made them)


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