Monday, 31 January 2011

World's Worst Blogger

I really am terrible at keeping a blog, I accept that now. I always had such good intentions. I even interviewed all of my creative buddies in the hope that it'd keep this sad little blog alive but alas, no...

Well, here I am with a little update on things.

Today this rather lovely blog post was written about my work! You should definitely take a peek and follow their blog, it is very nice indeed.

Also, my friend Hannah of Sweet Trash has very beady eyes and always seems to spot my work in places that would otherwise simply pass me by. But judging by this little snapshot my large LOVE badges are part of SupermarketSarah's shop in Selfridges on Oxford Street, London - so pop by and take a look! Hopefully I will be traipsing across Londinium next month to have a look around as I haven't been for ages and ages.

(Bottom left, the red LOVE badge is made by me)

I have a new Twitter account which is meant to make me tweet about more crafty and 'work' related things but instead I still find myself moaning about the nutters on my daily bus journey to work and other such boring things, but do follow me if you can cope with that! 

Last but not least, some other things going on:

1. We're getting a new bathroom on Thursday - hooray!! I might treat myself to some nice smellies from Lush
2. I joined the gym today, oh God......
3. I am currently addicted to stirfry's / mainly Black Bean sauce - hubba hubba....

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