Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Neglected blog

Sorry blog, I do neglect you don't I. I think there's little point pretending I can keep this up regularly.
I have had two days off work which has been great but as always they go so quick. Fortunately I have next week off and I will be heading south to visit my parents and much missed cantankerous old hound dog. Today I finally got around to watching An Education. I enjoyed it, but it choked me up a little. In fact, most films make me weep these days, what the hell is wrong with me?! I think it just reminded me of similar situations in the past - not so much the prospect of heading off to Oxford - that was never an option! But being 16 and being completely fooled by someone. Made me angry at myself all over again. I don't think I'd fancy being that age again.

Speaking of age I am still finding being 27 really strange. It's the first age where I've felt a little panic. Panic and questioning whether or not I'm where I should be in life and how am I judging that anyway? A lot of it boils down to money but if I hadn't made these financial errors a lot of things wouldn't have happened which have been good for me, so I suppose it's a catch 22.

Anyway, I think I've probably lost you now.

On Saturday I'm off to London to meet up with one of my best friends, Ryan. I'm really looking forward to it actually. I plan to go to Selfridges to see if any of my jewellery is still in Supermarket Sarah's shop on the ground floor, and I plan to go to Liberty to sus' it out - I want to pitch my work to them in April but I fear I may chicken out so I am going to have a look and see how I feel, and then no doubt worry about it lots. I also wouldn't mind popping into Charbonnel et Walker as we sell their chocolates at work and it'd be really nice to see their proper big pretty boutique in London. We also plan on having a cocktail at TGI Friday's as they have ones that are like desserts - yum! I'm not sure where else to go? I don't have much money to spend but it'll be nice to hang out with a friend and have a wander about. Likewise I don't have too many plans for my few days back home, but I will go to Canterbury to see a friend and might just go on a few walks in the countryside - I need a change of scenery!

Right, I need to be productive now and list a few new items. Head over to my Etsy store if you haven't done so recently, I've been a busy bee.


  1. !!! I know I know I know where you should go!!!
    Soho Secret Tea Room!
    Above the Coach and Horses pub on Greek Street, you tell the people behind the bar that you are here for tea and they lead you up some small magic stairs!!!! It's only open 3pm-6pm so it's a special treat!
    Tea for one in vintage teapots is about £2.20 which is a tad pricey for tea, but inside it's all oldy worldy and fun! They do scones and cakes, you can get two teas and two scones for about a tenner. (thought I'd prepare you for prices since you mentioned end of the monthy type behaviour!)

    Failing that, Rowan and I went to Lola's cupcake bit in Selfridges food hall for some mmmm mmm mmmmmm cupcakes!

    If you are hungry for proper food, I recommend Wahaca in covent garden (chandos place) or their new one on Wardor st in Soho.. It's a favourite of Marco and I's, and mega great prices for amazing food.

    I hope that you have fun! :) It would be great if all your pieces were sold out at the Supermarket Sarah wall, but great if you can see them for yourself!

  2. Oooh these are great places to go - thanks ever so much! I'll note them down and try and pack in as much as possible. I love the idea of a secret tea room!


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