Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Doing your bit for Japan with Eyeko.

I don't know if you're aware of the super cute Japanese make-up brand Eyeko (which means 'love' in Japanese) but I am one of many 'Ambassadors' for the brand and you can become one too. Basically every time someone makes a purchase and enters my code 'E10840' I get a little bit of commission*. The perk of this at the moment is that Eyeko are going to match all commissions made until the 20th March and give the donations to the British Red Cross to help with the devastating situation in Japan right now.

Usually when shopping with my code you will get a free gift when you spend over £15 and I'm pretty sure this would still apply. Win win!

Here are a couple of items I've either tried or would like to have!

This little pot of cream is brill. It's much like Benefit's 'High Beam' as you can use it as a highlighter but it also doubles as a moisturiser, bonus! It's £8.95 and will last you for absolutely ages (unless of course you're planning to slather your whole body in it).

I love the look of this pastel polish. I am a complete sucker for nail polish and for years all I wanted was a collection of matte colours and I couldn't find any. Thankfully now it's in fashion they're every where you turn so I have built up quite a rainbow selection! This one is £5.00 and perfect for spring!

EDIT: Oh man, now I've just seen this lovely shade too:

Also, head over to their SALE section as they have the pot of cream along with another one for £13.00 and also lots of 'Fat Balms' which always look great.

Happy shopping, and don't forget to enter my code E10840 to make sure you're making a little donation to Japan.

* I confess I signed up to be an Ambassador some time ago but I have done little to spread the code love! I thought the fact they are willing to match all commission to help Japan was a good time to try and get you all to buy some nice make-up in the knowledge you are also giving to the Red Cross. But if you want to skip the make-up and just donate, if you go to the Red Cross website you can even set your own amount so don't worry if you don't have much to give because 'every little helps' X

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