Monday, 14 March 2011

Giveaway giveaway giveaway....

OK, I may have mentioned this before so forgive me if I have, but I'm looking to get 500 'LIKES' on my Facebook page before holding a super duper giveaway!

You can follow my page here CLICK CLICK CLICK and do please share the link with any friends who you think may like my work!

Once I hit 500 'LIKES' I plan to hold a giveaway where one lucky person will get to win up to £50 worth of my jewellery and accessories! Of course they will get to pick which items they like the best and I will do my best to give them those items. (Generous aren't I? Yes I am)

Of course the problem with offering a giveaway is I tend to end up with tons of fans who don't even like my work which is a great shame, that's why I'm calling for all lovely folk who generally have an interest in what I do and to share it with friends who you think like it! I want my work to go to a loving home!

So feel free to share the link on your Facebook page or Twitter and when I hit 500 more will be revealed x

In the meantime check out Gem Fatale's and Jazzpad's style blogs and use your beady eyes to find my 15% off discount code, valid until 1st April!


  1. wow love love love your jewellery, not seen anything like it! just saw you mentioned on gem fatale's blog! i will defo be buying some of your stuff as soon as i have money (though unfortunately that isn't that often!) and will defo be entering if you have a give away because it's an amazing prize! x

  2. I love these moustache buttons do you do them as badges at all? They would look awsome on the lapel of one of my jackets, good stuff


  3. Ellie - thanks for the compliment! I know what it's like to be skint, but if you follow me* then you'll get to catch any discount codes or sales I have :) X

    Blane - Thanks! Unfortunately my badge maker has died on me, but I will either be getting a new one soon or finding a new way to make them. Keep your eyes peeled!

    *you can catch any discount codes here: <--- that's usually the first place I put them!


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