Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Resolutions vs Cosmic Ordering

Not long ago out of curiosity I got a little book about Cosmic Ordering. It's left me a bit confused about the difference between 'Cosmic Ordering' and good old fashioned new years resolutions as both seem to involve simply writing down a list of things you would like and hoping they come true!

Can anyone shed any light on the matter?

It appeals to me as I am a big lover of writing lists and day dreaming too much, so, here is yet another list of things I really would like to unfold this year...!

1. I would like to get out of my overdraft once and for all.
I've been an absolute plonker with money ever since I was given my student loan at university and treated it like free money. So here I am, years later, owing 'the bank of mum and dad' some money and still living in my over draft. Going Part Time at work was a really foolish and somewhat selfish idea so this year I need to get my act together.

2. Make my business more successful.

I've had a good start to this year so far, but I'm always looking ahead and at ways to improve. I would like to continue to increase my sales to the point where I could be fully self employed - it feels like a pipe dream sometimes but here's hoping...

3. Get healthy

A very typical 'new years resolution' that I soon gave up on, but when I return north from my little break in the south I really need to sort myself out. I've gained so much weight in the past couple of years I'm quite appalled at myself! I think I am going to start going for regular long walks and may have to take a break from my beloved chocolate!

There's lots of other things I could ask for / make happen, but I'll draw the line at just those as I think they are the most important and things like number 1 relates to money which has a knock-on effect to enabling lots of other things to happen...

Did any of you set yourself resolutions for the new year, and have you stuck to them?


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