Tuesday, 26 April 2011

This post was brought to you by the letter C

WARNING: This post contains 'the c word' and mainly sees me ranting about magazines and celebrities.

I'm not sure if I've ranted about this on here before, forgive me if I have, but I am so done with glossy fashion magazines. If any of you see me reaching for the latest issue again - for heaven's sake, stop me.

Not long ago I cancelled all my subscriptions but every Tuesday the latest ones are out and I'm like a drug addict knocking at my dealer's door again.

A couple of months ago it was a column in Grazia that got me really riled up. There's a regular feature in the magazine towards the back called 'Starting Over' where a woman (I forget her name, I think it's Bibi) writes about her life on the dating scene, only that particular week it was 300 words based on something as simple as 'will he call me back?'


Is this what people think we want to read? Silly me, I'm the one buying the magazine after all. As much as I enjoy kicking back and watching Sex and the City like many other people, I am tired of female 'journalists' acting like the next Carrie Bradshaw. Even I can see now that a lot of the time Carrie acted like a tit. Before I get any 'well, why don't you write something better then you miserable bitch?' Well, my response would be  - I'm not a journalist, love. I don't have to.

Part of me likes Grazia magazine for trying to cover various topics, but sometimes I find the whole 'depressing news article, followed by the latest £600 designer bags' leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

This week it's all the coverage of Coachella that is really getting on my tits. 'What are all the celebs wearing?' ask the magazines. Well, apparently they all go to this 'festival' dressed in Chanel and various designer gear. I especially like the outfits that lend themselves to 'hobo' but are comprised of designer items. It's like the great Dolly Parton quote 'It costs a lot to look this cheap'. I know it's hot over there and not really worthy of wellies and anoraks but seriously? Combine that with an article about how allegedly Lady Gaga refuses to sit in a seat that's previously been sat in, I can't help but think these people are a complete bunch of cunts. Either I'm just getting old, or I'm getting wise to it.

Anyway, I am done. I apologise for the childish rant but I had to get it off my chest.


  1. I'm perhaps not quite so angry as you, and I do love Grazia as a whole, but I do hate the token 'we care about the world' article every week. I just find it's inclusion very fake.
    Also, I HATE that Bibi woman! She's written articles for them before about the death of her parents, which is very sad and tragic and all, but she's still such a whiny cow.

  2. I'm glad I'm not alone - and again I feel silly for getting so angry about it. Maybe I shouldn't buy Grazia at that time of the month.

    Articles like the one that Bibi writes really piss me off though. I know it's awful to say but the level of writing is shoddy, and it doesn't appeal to me on any level. It's not entertaining and nor does it tell me something I don't know, so why is she lucky enough to have a column in a magazine and probably get a bloody good wage from it. grr and argg.


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