Saturday, 7 May 2011

...and the winner is...!

To celebrate reaching 500 'Likes' on my Facebook page, I held an extra special giveaway.

Huge thanks to all those who entered! It was rather tricky to pick a winner (and two runners up) but I've come to a decision......

...the winner of the big haul of my jewellery is 'Sugarplum Kawaii' !

"My favourite jewellery piece is a Gold charm bracelet left to me by my Grandma. It's from the 1930's and full of unusual artifacts, including...

My Dad's 1st 2 baby teeth!

A miniature tennis racket with a striped handle made od Rubys and Diamonds

A beer bottle and beer jug

An ancient coin"

(How amazing does that bracelet sound?!)

It was just as tricky to pick the two runners up as like I say, I genuinely loved all your tales of your favourite piece of jewellery. In the end I chose...

Abigail and Ursula!

I chose Abigail as her most treasured piece of jewellery was actually the only thing she was wearing when she gave birth to her son, Theo. How sweet is that? Very special indeed. I chose Ursula as I loved the symbolism behind her most treasured necklace.

So, congratulations to you! If you could contact me at or leave your email address in the comments below, I will sort your prizes out :)

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