Sunday, 1 May 2011

It's Giveaway time - NOW CLOSED

Current best-seller: Blue-tit and flowers ring

Hooray! I finally have 500 'Facebook followers'. Big thanks to all those who shared my page with their friends.

As a treat, I would like to give one lucky person a bunch of my items AND treat two lucky runners up.

The winner will receive my best seller Blue-tit ring, a pair of Dolly Girl earrings, a pair of Red Heart earrings, a pair of Apple hair slides AND a large Love badge. In total this haul is worth over £70 !

Juicy Red Apple hair slides

Two lucky runners up will receive ONE item: their choice of EITHER a pair of bobby pins, a pair of earrings or a ring. Their choice of design!

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is comment on this blog post telling me what your most treasured piece of jewellery /  accessory is and why?

To enter this giveaway you must be a follower on Facebook and / or my blog. 
I'll pick the winners by the answers I like the best*, and the giveaway will end on Friday 6th May.

I would really appreciate it if you politely mention this give away to your friends, but try not to spam anyone - that's not very nice.

*I usually use a random number generator but I think this can remove some of the fun of it all. If you think me picking the winner by choosing my favourite answer is unfair, I suggest you don't enter.

Well, GOOD LUCK! And don't say I don't spoil you. <3


  1. My most treasured piece of jewellery is a tacky old brown leather mans watch that was about £5 from a market.

    My bampy (grandad) had it for almost 30 years and when he died 2 years ago I decided I would adopt it as my everyday watch so its like he is with me everyday.

    Sorry that seems so sad, but its actually a great watch!

    follow in blogger and on facebook

  2. congrats on getting to 500 likes! I would love to be entered please. my favourite piece of jewellery is a ring my boyfriend got me when we were together for a few months when we were 15! i know it didn't cost a lot but it was so thoughtful and we are still going strong almost 5 years later:) xx

  3. my fave item of jewellery is my silver ring with an oval mother of pearl setting as i inherited it from my late aunt, it came with matching earrings and necklace but the ring is my fave because i can always see it and remember her plus its very beautiful

  4. My favourite piece of jewellery is my hand-made, artist designed engagement ring. It is a fairly simple design, a rounded silver band with a cubic zirconia mounted in between two pieces of gold. It was not expensive as engagement rings go; we did not have a lot of money at the time we got engaged, but it is very precious to me. So much so, that when an accident pulled the stone out, I made sure the original stone was remounted into the ring as it has very sentimental value to me. My husband is my soul mate and I shall always treasure this beautiful ring.

  5. My favourite jewellery piece is a Gold charm bracelet left to me by my Grandma. It's from the 1930's and full of unusual artifacts, including...

    My Dad's 1st 2 baby teeth!

    A miniature tennis racket with a striped handle made od Rubys and Diamonds

    A beer bottle and beer jug

    An ancient coin

  6. My most treasured piece of jewellery is the one I wear most often. It is a gold charm bracelet that I was given on my 18th birthday (some time ago now!) It has alot of charms on it now and I buy them or receive them as gifts to represent something special that has happened in my life. It is a great reminder of the things I have done in my life and people always want to know what each one represents. Still room for a few more though......

  7. My favourite piece of jewelery is my rainbow moonstone pendent on a silver chain from my mum.

    I bought the pendent on my travels in India about 3 years ago and have worn it everyday since. It is pretty special to me as it reminds me of all the wonderful places I have been since wearing it, and all the people I have met.

    My mum then gave me a chain to put it on, which she has had for years.

    I often get comments about it, as it looks like a cloudy sky, and is really beautiful..

    It is currently baby Theo's favourite thing to hold on to, but I'm scared one day that he will pull it off and it will be lost forever!

    I also like the fact that it was the only thing I was wearing when I had my first cuddle after Theo was born!

  8. My treasured jewellery item is a mini sculpture that a very dear friend made, he makes much lager wooden sculpture usually from reclaimed wood, heart stoppingly beautiful work. It is a small bird brooch whose feathers are made from different sections of coloured wood. I was given it on my 31st birthday as I chose to ignore my 30th as a) I was teacher training and hyperventilating at the time b) I don't like fuss so often ignore such things.

    So completely out of character for some weird reason I had a big pretend 30th party on my 31st?!? just before going out I was given my special bird brooch and I have to admit I was so blown away I cried. And this was before I was quite so bird obsessed! He was one of my first proper birds. He warms my heart and reminds me of good times, I really would be distraught if he flew off and left me!

  9. I'd have to say my most treasured piece of jewellery is the wedding ring I inherited from my nan. It's something that I never wear, but always look at and get carried away with memories - it's not a perfect circle, and it has dents all over it, but that it belonged to such a wonderful woman is the best thing to me. x

  10. oooh gawd I don't have much sentimental attachment to my favourite piece of jewellery so my entry is going to look shallow in comparison BUT my favourite pieces are probably these Swallow brooches from TattyDevine that are hand painted and made of wood (I'm not sure if they even still sell them) but I love them just because they are super pretty to look at and are what I consider to be original British design pieces!
    I follow your FB, Twitter and soon to be a blog follower too !

  11. oooh.
    My most treasured piece of jewellery is a necklace with a polly pocket inside.

    It was one of those that you carry her around with you.. the original polly, not the massive ones they have now. I've had it since I was small and I'd be really gutted if I lost it, in fact, I've worn it out and about recently in my older years and ther stares I get are not the same admiring ones from other little girls I got when I was a few years less!

  12. I have not one, but three most treasured items of jewellery that I never take off.Each one has sentimental value and represent the most important people in my life. The first is a beautiful gold intricately detailed ring which my parents bought me in Turkey when I was fifteen. The second is a gold cladagh ring my boyfriend gave me a few years ago and the third is a beautiful delicate gold necklace with a round diamond pendant on it that my grandmother gave to me. My grandfather gave it to her years and years ago and now her hands are too shaky and arthiritic to close the clasp on it she has passed it onto me. I love this necklace so much, not only is it absolutely beautiful in it's simplicity but it is a reminder of where I came from and means so much to me that it was given as a token of love, both from my grandfather to my grandmother, and from her to me.

  13. My favourite piece of jewellery is a Victorian Necklase made of gold with 3 flying swallows with seed pearls and sprigs of forget me knots with turquoise in. Throughout my life growing up we were very close to our neighbours, the couple were unable to have children and after our own parents they were next inline for affection from my sister and i. We were very close but sadly they both contracted seperate illnesses and died within a year of each other before they reached 60. It was terribly upsetting and they are still dreadfully missed today. It was a great surprise to discover that they had left my sister and myself some inheritence. I wanted to buy a piece of jewellery which every time i would wear i would think of them. So the hunt began, i stumbled across my necklace a Fidra's jewellers in Brighton in The Lanes and immediately fell in love. at this point i had been searching for a number of months, my poor boyfriend being put through the torture of jewellers all over the country thinking we were looking for engagement rings! I think other than the fact the necklace is beautiful was the fact of all the symbolism assosiated from the victorian period, swallows symbolise hope and also love as they return home and the forget me knots are most commonly used as a symbol of love. for me they held particular importance as obviously i do not want to forget my two friends. I hope to keep the piece in my family and to tell any children i have why i have the necklace and what it means and keep the memory of two of the kindest people i ever met alive.

  14. Bonjour ma Petite Lapin,

    I think for me my fave piece of jewellery is my wedding ring - i am terrible with jewellery and am always losing things so i didnt feel like i should be trusted with anything involving sparkly bling so instead i went for a Black Zirconium and Paladium ring. So far i've only lost it twice, this has to be a new record for me!

    I also have a small australian opal necklace from my dad. It is quite new but the reason it has sentimental value is because it is to replace one he gave me when i was 5 and my brother was born. I had to leave it behind when we moved to england (parents told me we were going back after 6 months so not to bother packing it). Of course as you know we ended up staying a little longer than those 6 months and the necklace and all my other possessions were forever lost :(


  15. My fave piece of jewellery? Well. The obvious answer would be an heirloom of some kind, or a gift bequeathed by some long lost lover, but it just isn't. 

    My favourite piece of jewellery is a ring I bought for £2.00 from Boots, nearly 3 years ago. It's massive, gold, with flowers and diamonds, but that's not why I like it.  I like it because if anyone gives me a bit of a dirty look or takes a tone with me, I just flash that bad boy in their direction, and suddenly they're not quite so cocky. 

    So yeah, my favourite piece of jewellery is my 'change your attitude or I'll smash your face in' ring. 


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