Thursday, 5 May 2011

My cross-stitch cameo on Channel 4's Super Scrimpers!

Not long ago I sent style blogger Gem Fatale a couple of my cross-stitch rings in the hope she would wear them and review them on her blog. Well, she was kind enough to go one step further and wore them on national TV!

For the past couple of episodes, Gem has appeared on Channel 4's show Super Scrimpers where people share their thrifty money saving tips. Last night she demonstrated one of her many super nail art tips (which we all know could cost a bomb in the shops). You can watch the show on 4oD although it may take a little while for the last episode to become available. I highly recommend you follow her blog if you don't already, as every Tuesday she shares a new tip!

Here are a couple of sneaky screenshots I snapped on my phone (God, I'm sad!)...

As always, my jewellery and accessories are available to buy in my Etsy and Notonthehighstreet online stores.


  1. hahaa! This is great - prepare yourself for an influx of customers my dear, I highly doubt any sane person could resist that moustache ring! x

  2. What a lark to see your lovely creations on telly (-;

  3. Thanks guys - it sure would be good if I did get an influx of customers! I'm not sure people would have known where they're from though, but who knows! It was a lark to see them on telly alright! Haha ;)

  4. Aww love this :)

    My cross stitch rings always get compliments from Topshop customers so I bloody hope some of them visit your shop. I always scribble the URL on the back of a receipt. Haha.


  5. I clocked the moustache ring the other night and it made me talk out loud to the telly: "Ooh, ooh it's the cross-stitch jewellery!"
    Nice one!!!


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