Sunday, 1 May 2011

NEW: Homewares

This past week I have been a busy bee and thrashed out a batch of samplers to adorn your walls. I designed a little fox motif and have got a bit giddy over it and stitched it to everything in sight! So...erm...sorry if you don't like foxes! I'm going to have to rustle up another woodland critter quick and hope the fox obsession subsides...

There are some samplers with the fox face on it's own, and others have the alphabet or 'home sweet home' to look a little more traditional. I've also stitched the face of a moustachioed man and a selection of moustache for all those facial hair lovers out there. The moustache one is a little dearer in price than the others as it took a blinkin' long time to stitch all those 'tache...

At the moment, all of these items are 'one-of-a-kind' and I cannot promise I will recreate them in the future, so if you're interested you can buy them HERE while you can!


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