Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Pardon the fromage...

Last month I held a giveaway, and the winner won a selection of my cross-stitch jewellery.

That lovely winner was Mel aka Sugarplum Kawaii who has very kindly blogged about her win and taken very pretty photos of my pieces! (Thanks Mel!)

One of my most popular pieces, the blue-tit and flowers ring, photographed by Mel.

While we're on this kind of topic, do excuse the fromage but I want to say how bloody lovely my customers are! I have received the sweetest feedback in my Etsy store ranging from customers saying they've been eyeing my work for a while or coming back to buy more, or those who have even requested I give them business cards so that they can share my work with their friends - THANK YOU! It means the world to me X

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  1. Your ring is a star! Many thanks again for all the lovely treats...They really made my day. (-;


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